Bulk LPG Price - Why Prices vary - LPG Storage tankHave you ever wondered what impacts the price of your bulk LPG? Have you ever rang exactly the same company as a neighbour and been given a totally different price?

Well we have all heard many stories over the years of the price of bulk LPG varying massively for seemingly the same quote.

Well we have all heard many stories over the years of the price of bulk LPG varying massively for seemingly the same quote.

In fact the competitions and markets authority addressed this exact question in a recent paper on the price of bulk LPG. Customers have for years complained of a lack of price transparency in the bulk LPG market and in an effort to break down some of the mystery we have produced a list of some of their findings for you below.

So here goes – five reasons why your bulk LPG price may vary from Mr and Mrs Jones next door:

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  1. Platts LPG index. Yes you read that right the Platts LPG index. Named after Warren C. Platt who started up his own petroleum business in 1909 – S&P Global Platts is now recognised as the major price benchmarking agency for LPG. Obviously the cost that LPG providers buy your LPG in at will massively affect the price they provide to you. Even a difference of a day in obtaining a quote can cause wide variances in the price of bulk LPG.
  2. Volume of delivery – bit of no brainer this one, the more you use the more you can negotiate a discount.
  3. Frequency of delivery – delivery costs are one of the major factors impacting the price of your bulk LPG. The less frequently your provider has to turn up at your doorstep the better price you could negotiate in a contract.
  4. Whether or not customers are being supplied under an exclusive contract – if your happy to go under an exclusive contract – which can be for a maximum of two years – will for sure affect your bargaining power for negotiating a reduction in the price of your bulk LPG.
  5. To barter or not to barter – quite simply have you tried negotiating with your existing or new supplier? It may not be natural for us folks born in these fair isles but the reality is those who can negotiate will inevitably get themselves a better deal. Have you tried asking for a discount? You’ll be surprised how often this works – not just in LPG but in life!

The 5 reasons above are some of the major factors affecting your bulk LPG price.

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